Accounting, Performance and Tax

We integrate the industry leading investment accounting and reporting systems with straight-through processing, robust controls and experienced professionals to provide timely and accurate NAV calculations and real-time access to data. Our experienced tax professional prepare fund tax filings and monitor compliance with IRS rules.

Services include

Accounting and Performance


  • Maintaining general and subsidiary ledgers and journals.
  • Processing portfolio and net investor trades.
  • Validating and processing dividends, interest and other corporate actions.
  • Calculating and allocating management and performance fees.
  • Accruing income and expenses, including waivers and reimbursements.
  • Reconciling cash and holdings to custodians, prime brokers and other parties.
  • Processing fund distributions.
  • Managing valuation of fund assets and liabilities.
  • Validating and applying portfolio prices.
  • Calculating NAVs, dividend factors and yields.
  • Administering fair valuation process and reporting.
  • Calculating and reporting performance data.
  • Managing benchmark data and reporting.
  • Reporting performance and fund data to third parties.

    We have successfully completed an independent SOC 1 audit of its fund accounting services.

Tax Services


  • Preparing annual capital gain estimates.

  • Calculating periodic distributions.

  • Monitoring RIC tax compliance.

  • Preparing fund federal income and excise tax provisions.

  • Preparing fund state income tax returns and provisions.

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