Apex Celebrates National Day in Luxembourg


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Apex celebrates National Day in Luxembourg.


The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is the leading centre for Investment Funds in Europe and the second only behind the United States. The reasons behind this are not only a result of its strategic geographic location (with a multilingual and multicultural essence that supports Fund Distribution) but also Luxembourg’s economic and political stability which attracts Investment managers and investors.


Luxembourg – Key Features:


  • Triple AAA ratings by all three main rating agencies.
  • Highly regulated legal market with strong regulatory financial market.
  • Interesting tax model with different legal entity structures and opportunities for investments.
  • Part of the European regulatory framework facilitating cross border investment opportunities and distribution models.
  • Interesting low public debt of 21 % GDP and a budget surplus of 0,6% based on numbers published last year by the official government (statistiques.public.lu)
  • Connectivity and accessibility with the world (airport, rail & road network)
  • Low unemployment rates with growing employment offers based on the attractively of the country
  • Strong business infrastructure with several data and centres and network options


Apex established its Luxembourg office in 2010 and has continued ambitious growth plans for the future. With the stable local infrastructure and abundance of opportunity, Luxembourg has fostered and preserved its identity as a strong jurisdiction for business.


Apex celebrates National Day in Luxembourg with pride (23rd of June 2017) and look forward to continuing to be an active participant in the country’s growth, prosperity and diversity.


Click Here to contact Apex Luxembourg.


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