Apex’s Role in the “Race to Zero”


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With record low oil prices and the economic impacts of Covid-19 on governments and businesses, many fear that low-carbon policies will be put on the back burner in favour of fossil-fuel led recoveries. At Apex, we think that now is an opportunity to redouble our efforts, as we rebuild our economies and companies to be greener than ever before.


On Friday 5 June, to celebrate World Environment Day, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change launched the “Race to Zero” campaign. This campaign calls for companies to pledge to hit net zero emissions before 2050 to build momentum ahead of COP26, the postponed climate summit now scheduled for November 2021.


Signatories already cover almost a quarter of global CO2 emissions and more than half of GDP. New analysis from the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit ’s Net-Zero Tracker has found that 53% of global GDP is now covered by an intended or actual net-zero commitment. To ensure accountability, all Race to Zero members must set interim carbon reduction targets and publish a net zero strategy by November 2021.


As a global organisation with over 750bn in assets and working with some of the largest financial institutions  the world, we are committed to helping and supporting our clients in their achieving their environmental targets. We believe that accurate data collection, scoring and rating of companies based on intelligent ESG data and insights is the cornerstone of understanding and influencing behavioural change and to drive capital flow toward ESG performance.

How Apex can help:


Apex ESG Ratings is our proprietary ESG rating service that focuses on evaluating privately held companies globally, unlocking unique market intelligence and delivering unprecedented access to a previously opaque asset class. Our specialist team delivers consulting services to support the integration of ESG across clients’ due diligence, value creation and reporting processes.


  • Independent and rigorous. Data is collected and verified to ensure integrity and accuracy versus internationally respected standards, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sector peers, and self-improvement over time.
  • Private market specialists. The sector has unique ESG needs. As experts in this sector, our products are tailored to address such requirements. We aim to consolidate, not complicate the ESG universe.
  • Online portal. Secure, intuitive, time-efficient and flexible web-based portal to manage all your ESG data and reporting in one place.
  • Context & scale. The perfect balance of a global client base, served by local teams.
  • Client-centric. With multiple product options, we can listen, assess and deliver to all client objectives.
  • End-to-end solution. Our products cover the entire ESG journey. From initial scoping, through intelligent data collection, analysis and reporting, to advisory that drives ESG progress.


To read more on Apex’s ESG services please download our brochure or contact us for more information.

                             ESG BROCHURE


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