Canada Operational Leaders’ Summit


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Apex is sponsoring the HFM Canada Operational Leaders Summit in Toronto – February 29, 2016

Venue: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, 123 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2M9, Canada

Bill Salus, Global Chief Executive Officer will be moderating the following panel:

Cyber-security: Searching for meaningful solutions beyond the fear and the hype

Talking Points:

  • What should cyber security mean for a hedge fund COO and should I be concerned about it?
  • Data security – avoiding the embarrassment and reputational risk of leaving yourself open to attack
  • How do you make sure all of your staff are aware of potential issues and outside attacks?
  • Penetration testing – internal, external, black, white & grey…
  • An alternative angle: a move away from fear mongering to finding pragmatic, practical solutions
  • The role of the ops professional in making sure that your system is fit for purpose
  • How to conduct a mock-regulator audit of your data/IT integrity? Is the OSC following the
  • SEC’s hawkish approach to data integrity?
  • Is the threat forcing firms to be more draconian in their IT policies – banning social media and mobile applications? Is there a downside here?
  • What do firms risk by not acting?
  • Prioritising your protection plan – what should be logged and preserved? Is there a best practice in security assessments?
  • How should firms develop explicit and rigorous systems and processes – how do we add additional layers of oversight and extra ‘pairs of eyes’ on projects?
  • Do you give vendors, and investors, access to your most privileged accounts?
  • Mobile devices: What procedures should be undertaken with personal products such a cell phones, tablets and useful, put potentially ‘leaky’ apps like evernote and dropbox?

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In the round table sessions Bill Salus and Keith Mahon, Managing Director of Apex Canada will host the following session:

Regulatory Evolution of the Canadian Hedge fund sector – where to next and how to prepare for a visit from the regulator?

Topics covered:

  • What is the current climate for hedge funds in Canada – had there been a slow evolution in regulation and how is the sector viewed by the OSC and other state regulators?
  • What are the current priorities of the OSC and CSA?
  • What to expect from an OSC audit, particularly when you have a finite amount of time to prepare?
  • Pre and during a regulatory audit what information should you absolutely have to hand?
  • What represents best practice?
  • Should you hold regular mock audits, with involvement from all key personnel? How should this be achieved? How can they be rolled out effectively? How do you get ‘buyin’ from your colleagues?


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