How are Regulation & Technology Driving Changing Buying Trends?


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Regulatory pressures and technological changes have influenced the buying approaches of Asset Managers, Capital Markets and Private Markets in recent years. How can a single-source solution help?

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In recent years, the twin drivers of regulation and technological innovation have shaped the ways in which Global Asset Managers to participants in the Private and Capital Markets operate and also purchase the services that enable them to run their businesses more efficiently and successfully.

Our clients are experiencing fundamental shifts that will shape their future. In the years ahead, firms will need to address their asset flows and profitability through continued structural changes in such areas as product innovation, cost structures and growth strategies.

At Apex, we have taken proactive view to deliver a complete solution to address the growing demands of our customers and build a different kind of experience and relationship with them as partners – in part compelled by technological innovation and advancing regulation. Clients want more control and tailored solutions, a strong partnership with their service providers, and ultimately they expect a client service which is increasingly bespoke, immediate and proactive.

The evolution of the regulatory and environmental landscape is not set to end any time soon. One thing is clear: with the current speed of change, maintaining the status quo is not an option.

Read more here,  download the whitepaper now

Firms must become more strategic in the way they engage with external service providers if they are going to operate efficiently, competitively and keep pace with the speed of change. We provide our clients with a strategic ‘single-source’ platform, enabling them to access all their financial and business support services in one place.


An increasing burden of rules means firms constantly need to dedicate additional time, resources and significant cost on regulatory compliance. As we saw after the last financial crisis, the breadth and complexity of regulatory reporting requirements will continue to increase and, as a result, this is an area requiring substantial ongoing investment. As a result, firms should continue to look to outsource their compliance functions, both to manage regulatory risk and manage costs.


A key part of an effective and successful strategy for financial services firms, both now and in the future, will be the implementation of new technologies. Technology is lowering barriers to market entry, and opening the gates to a completely new set of digital competitors with innovative capabilities and strategies, creating disruption for incumbents.

For firms to be competitive, they need to adopt a forward looking technology strategy to manage all activities, from investments to distribution, valuation and reporting and from operations to regulatory compliance, as a fully integrated solution. Specifically, the ability to deliver an innovative, technology-enabled client experience will be a key driver in future value creation for investors.


Underpinning both regulatory reporting and technology adoption in financial services is data. Data and its governance have (and will continue to) become of paramount importance for firms. Data is at the very core of a firm’s operations and ensuring its sufficiency and integrity is essential to maintaining regulatory compliance. As such, data should be central to every firm’s strategy.

Disjointed and poorly managed data increases mistakes, heightens risk and can put firms at risk of breaching regulations. The evolution and advancement of data architecture and fully integrated platforms position firms to better manage their operations and satisfy governance requirements. It also provides firms with actionable insights on performance enabling them to be instantly responsive to market change.

In today’s increasingly digital, data-centric corporate environment, a strong data governance approach is crucial, but the cost of research and development is now beyond the pocket of individual firms. A single-source services provider is able to defray those costs and deliver ongoing innovation to keep your firm at the leading edge of technological advances in a cost effective and efficient way, constantly enhancing and protecting your key data resources.. The future digital winners will be those firms who act today to address their data and technology issues and streamline their processes to focus on their strategic objectives.

Buying trends

Firms are increasingly allocating more of their back-, mid- and even front-office work to service providers and this is only set to increase. External service providers can support firms as they come under pressure from regulatory costs, new technological requirements, and the need for flexibility in an uncertain financial landscape.

We are already seeing group buying decisions taking priority over a single person making procurement choices; which enables firms to gain negotiating power with outsource providers by giving them a larger share of wallet. It also helps to streamline the data value chain and mitigate data transfer risk by keeping all services under the umbrella of one single-source provider.

How Apex can help

As a leading global financial services provider, we have evolved our capabilities to offer a single-source solution for asset managers, capital markets, private clients and family offices, including financial solutionsfund solutionsmiddle office solutionscorporate solutions as well as ESG Ratings and Advisory services.

We understand the challenges facing our clients and we enable them to streamline their vendor contracts and benefit from a single relationship to meet all of their service needs. Other benefits include:

  • Risk mitigation: by reducing the number of suppliers in the data and information transfer chain, clients are able to increase control and reduce risk.
  • Scalable solutions: able to adapt and evolve as the business grows or experiences change due to external factors.
  • Cost management: greater transparency and control over costs through a single relationship for all outsourced services.
  • Buying Groups: a single-source provider can enable a collaborative cross-departmental approach to procurement, enhancing negotiating power and streamlining efficiencies.

Contact us now to learn more about what Apex Group can offer you.


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