Operations for Alternatives – Miami 2017


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Apex sponsors the Operations for Alternatives (OFA) conference 2017. This event provides an opportunity for senior executives to exchange, engage and learn about the most pressing industry issues. If it’s happening in the investment management industry, it is being discussed at OFA.

Who attends?

  • Hedge Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fund of Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Institutional Investors

Venue: Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Day 1 Agenda Topics will cover: Monday, February 27, 2017

  • Where the Alternative Investment Industry is Headed and How That Will Impact Operations
  • Assessing when investors are willing to pay stated fees and when to expect investors to try to renegotiate fees
  • Regulatory and Enforcement Roundtable: Perspectives, Priorities, and Expectations
  • The Alternative Investor: New and Emerging Expectations, Concerns, and Investing Trends
  • Insights from Operations Professionals, Including Lessons Learned in 2016, New and Emerging Best Practices & more.
  • Heightened SEC Scrutiny, New AML Requirements, Insider Trading Concerns, FATCA, FCPA Compliance, and More: Managing the Evolving Regulatory Paradigm and Turning Compliance into a Value Proposition
  • Operational Due Diligence in 2017 and Beyond: Emerging Trends, Key Issues, and Best Practices for Managing the Process
  • Satisfying Regulatory and Investor Expectations Arising from Potential Conflicts of Interest, Including Expense, Investment, and Trade Allocations, Fiduciary Responsibility Issues, and More
  • New and Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Operations and Compliance: Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence, and More
  • Tax Strategies and Considerations for Alternatives

Day 2 Agenda Topics will cover: Tuesday, February 28, 2017

  • The Brave New World of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: Adapting Your Firm to an Unpredictable and Evolving Landscape
  • Achieving Increased Efficiency, Managing Fund Expenses, and Improving Risk Management in Middle and Back Office Operations
  • Passive ETFs, Active ETFs, and the Alternative Investment Industry
  • Outsourcing: Why Alternative Investment Firms Are Increasingly Turning Over Compliance, Trading, and Other Functions to Third Parties, and the Costs and Benefits of Doing So
  • How the Prime Brokerage Landscape is Changing and What It Means for Alternatives
  • Assessing the Challenges Relating to Valuation and Developing Best Practices to Overcome Them”
  • The International Landscape: Operational and Regulatory Considerations in Key Foreign Markets
  • Europe: Brexit, Regulation, Private Placements, AIFMD, EMIR, Re-domiciling, Tax, Developing Ireland
  • Emerging Markets: Overview – China, India, and Saudi Arabia, flow of capital to Asia, Tax, UCITS, fast tracking trade agreements.


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