ESG Ratings & Advisory

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics are the three central themes for measuring the sustainability and positive impact of an investment or business. While these criteria help to better determine the future performance of companies, a true and accurate assessment has been difficult to access in the private markets.


Yet the demand for better informed change is growing. Pressure from investors, employees and customers alike means that ESG ratings have become critical metrics for success. Regulatory developments, the ability to reduce risk and to produce superior returns requires a pioneering approach to serve the needs of forward thinking private equity funds.


Our ESG Ratings and Advisory service helps investors unlock real value and drive transformational change by offering a high quality, global, independent, end-to-end service for the private markets. By deploying intelligent ESG data and insights we aim to drive capital towards ESG performance while influencing significant behavioral change.

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ESG Health Check

ESG Health Check provides a high quality and efficient route to assess private companies.

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Ratings & Reporting

ESG Rating, Reporting and Benchmarking service provides real time ESG analysis via a secure, intuitive and flexible online platform.

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Invest Check

Assess your sustainability strategy at both manager and product level, track performance and identify key gaps against an ESG data set based on regulatory standards.

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Carbon Footprint Assessment

Our carbon footprint assessment service identifies, quantifies and tracks three categories of emissions that contribute towards a company’s carbon footprint

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