The ESG regulatory landscape is rapidly changing the way the financial industry operates. The fast-approaching EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires financial market participants and financial advisers to incorporate sustainability risks across various aspects of their operations, including disclosures, integration into policies such as remuneration policies, risk policies, the investment process, product governance and wider internal processes and systems. The EU Taxonomy regulation defines whether an economic activity constitutes an environmentally sustainable activity, which helps asset managers ensure they are anti-greenwashing.

Assessing your ability to integrate sustainability issues into your investing criteria may seem taxing and overwhelming but we have created a tailored service to collect, evaluate and report ESG data. Our latest product offering, Invest Check, provides your ESG data in a report aligned to the SFDR template, streamlining the submission process for you.

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Invest Check helps you to assess your sustainability strategy at both manager and product level,
track performance and identify key gaps against an ESG data set based on regulatory standards, ensuring you are aligned to regulations and industry standards such as EU SFDR, TCFD, UNPRI, ESG Taxonomy and more.



Invest Check’s online questionnaire is easy and intuitive, allowing you to save progress as you enter data and return at any point to update data. We manage the end to end streamlined process to make it fast, relevant and accurate – alleviating stress and allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Service Features
Upcoming Regulations

Data collection, analysis & verification

  • Data analysis is collected by an objective, rules-based scoring, as defined by the global standards and regulations.
  • Invest Check benchmarks against leading regulations and standards.



  • Invest Check rating out of 100.
  • Highlighting key gaps.
  • Consolidated view of relevant ESG information.
  • Track ESG performance over time.
  • Ability to smoothly transfer our ESG data seamlessly into SFDR templates to be displayed on your website and included in pre-contractual agreements.


Tracking performance over time

  • Comprehensive ESG Advisory Service.
  • Quickly and efficiently calculate your alignment to regulatory standards.
  • Improve your company’s position to stay ahead of newly introduced legislation.
  • Easily process your UNPRI submission with minimal stress.
  • Identify, understand and act on key gaps in order for your company to work towards ESG
    best practice and improve your fund-raising efforts.
  • From March 2021 the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation will apply to all those invested in, and all those with investors from, the EU.
  • In New Zealand, from 2023 it will be mandatory for all banks, asset managers and insurance companies with AUM greater than NZ$1 billion to disclose climate risks using TCFD recommendations.

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