Central Bank of Ireland issues fast track process for SFDR compliance


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SFDR requires financial market participants and financial advisers, including UCITs management companies and Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) to make pre-contractual and ongoing disclosures to end investors with regard to the integration of sustainability risks, consideration of adverse sustainability impacts, the promotion of environmental or social characteristics, and sustainable investment.

The Process


  • The Central Bank of Ireland has established a fast-track filing process for pre-contractual document updates for UCITS and AIFMs to certify their compliance with the SFDR.
  • The responsibility rests with the manager to ensure compliance with SFDR.
  • Managers must determine the funds appropriate product classification and ensure pre-contractual disclosures are appropriate to their particular funds.


Who should make the submission

What needs to be submitted


Responsible Person

·         in the case of a UCITS, it is the management company or UCITS Self- Managed Investment Company (SMIC)

·         In the case of an AIF- it is the AIFM or the AIF SMIC

·         In the case of an AIF with a non-EU AIFM, the Responsible Person is the fund itself

Certify that the amendments are in accordance with the SFDR and do not contain any other amendments to the pre-contractual documentation.

What is the deadline

Where does the submission need to be made

Submissions must be made before 10th March 2021

Submit along with the amended final dated documents to [email protected]

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